Heartstorming for your business

Heartstorming is a bit like putting brainstorming and mindfulness together. The result? A mindful, holistic way of planning for your business, where you know that whatever results you come up with will be authentic to your values and respect your current headspace and boundaries for how much you can do. 

How to do it

  1. Set aside time and space.
    This means no interruptions or distractions, so it’s best to put your phone in another room, and use plain pen and paper for your notes. If there are other things that help you to get into the zone, such as a fresh cup of coffee, a few stretches or some background ambience sounds, prepare your space first. Decide first how long you will spend, and set a timer, if necessary. It’s fine if you can only manage 15 minutes at first. Aim for longer. 
  2. Start with gratitude.
    Begin by thinking about how far you’ve come, and identify some things that you are proud of that you’ve achieved in your business. Also think about mistakes that you’ve made and the lessons you’ve learned. By looking to the past first gives us grounding, perspective and humility. 
  3. Topic-driven or annual review?
    If you make this a regular practice, you can select a topic to heartstorm, such as your next workshop, a new product, or breaking down big goals into smaller steps. If you’re approaching it like an annual review, think more broadly. Envisage yourself in 12 month’s time. What do you want to see in your business and in yourself? What do you want to get rid of? Write down everything that comes to mind. 
  4. Allow space.
    Let every thought have its chance to get itself onto paper. Like brainstorming, often the most random, silly ideas join together later to make a tangible one, so never discount anything immediately.
  5. Let it marinate and set expectations.
    You won’t always leave a heartstorming session with 100% clarity, so don’t put that expectation on yourself and come away disappointed. Rest assured, it’s never a waste of time. Sometimes you will come up with great ideas immediately, and other times they won’t hit you until you get in the shower or are drifting off to sleep at night. But giving your brain a chance to simply think is one of the most powerful things you can do for growth.
  6. The takeaway.
    Your brain is a computer, and to generate ideas and clarity takes energy. It can’t use this energy if it’s being taken up with processing other information. Making time to reflect and meditate on your business goals is regenerative, enlightening and even efficient in the long-term. When is the last time you set aside time to think purposefully and intentionally?