Why a brand designer is a bit like a stylist

Have you ever put on a quality outfit that accentuates your best features and makes you feel like a million bucks? That clarity around what style suits you and that confidence boost that comes with it is priceless. 

Good brand design is a bit like that. Think of me, your brand expert, as a stylist — except without the clothes, accessories and an eye for proportions. Instead, I use graphic elements, design principles, colour, typography and illustration. Add strategy, a bit of intuition and a whole lot of creativity, and I can make your business look amazing (and attract your people, too). 

Gaining clarity around what best suits your business and the confidence that comes with an amazing new look? That is incredibly valuable! 

Also, think about why someone might hire a stylist. They might have an idea of what they like, but might be unsure about what style or colour suits them the best. They might not even be sure about what feature they want to accentuate or how to put things together that work. 

They realise they’re not an expert in the field, or not getting the results they want, so they reach out to someone who can help them. Do you see what I’m getting at? ????

If you invest in an expert, trust their vision and advice

If you hired a stylist and told them, “I’m looking for a green midi dress with long sleeves and padded shoulders — go and find me one of those,” it’s not exactly drawing on the expertise and knowledge of the stylist, is it? You’re merely asking them to go shopping for you, and your request might not be the most suitable (or flattering) option for you. You end up not learning anything by exploring other options and confidence with the end result is not guaranteed.

So similarly, if you ask a brand designer to execute a design you already have in mind — “I know what I want, I just need a designer to make it for me,” is taboo, okay? That approach is only based on your personal preferences, without having any knowledge about the branding process, the strategic decisions behind each design, or how to best attract your audience.  

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having personal preferences. They are part of you and you created your business so I certainly don’t dismiss them. What I want to do, however, is find that sweet spot between your preferences, your audience’s preferences, and what’s going to work best to portray who you are and what you do.  Because at the end of the day, branding is about more than looks. It’s about results.

Consider your audience’s perspective

In the foundational stage of a branding project, we’ll define who your audience actually is, so you can get super clear about who you’re talking to. And so, when I do a branding project with a client, I always remind them at each stage to consider how their audience might see it and what they might think about it. Because, they’re the ones buying from you and they’re the people you want loyal to you and to love what you do. You’re already loyal to you and love what you do (otherwise you wouldn’t be running your amazing business!), so it’s pointless and unhelpful to limit yourself that perspective (of designing something to your personal preferences on its own).

The branding process gives you more than an amazing new look

While the most exciting part of putting on a new outfit that is selected expertly for you is seeing how amazing you look, it’s more than that, right? After working with a stylist, you feel confident and clear about how you should move forward with purchasing other items for your wardrobe and making decisions around that.

The same is with a brand designer. After you work with me, you’ll not only have an amazing new look, but you’ll be super clear and confident about how you should move forward and make decisions around communicating, growing and marketing your brand every day. That is what you’re really investing in.

I hope this post has given you a little insight into how a brand designer works and how they’re a lot like a stylist.

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