What is branding really about?

What is branding really about? Well, it’s all of the things you’d expect — logo marks, a set colour palette, typography, tone of voice, and more. But it’s also about:

Sharing values.

Probably my most favourite element of creating a brand, is establishing the shared values that exist between you and your audience. It’s a way of saying, “you get me, I get you”. When you care about the same things, you make your audience feel like they belong. This is a strong, and most importantly, authentic connection. And connection helps your business to grow. In fact, 64% of consumers form brand loyalty because of shared values, according to Harvard Business Review. Isn’t that amazing?

Creating trust.

The consistency of your visual identity is one of the ways you can build trust with your audience. Showing up with the same colours, fonts, content pillars, personality, tone of voice and brand style reassures your audience that you are professional, reliable and trustworthy.  


There’s nothing quite like clarity. Having your brand vision and roadmap sorted is the first part. Putting on your new look is the next — a fresh set of meaningful marks, graphics and templates to ensure you feel confident presenting your offerings to the world, knowing that you look professional and are being authentic to your business.

Standing out.

You won’t feel as much pressure to compete with your competition. Once we’ve completed your brand strategy, you’ll know exactly where you should be positioned to make an impact in your industry. You’ll be able to move forward with each business decision knowing that you’ve successfully differentiated yourself and everything you do will stand out in the best way possible.

More freedom.

Yep, you heard that right. As a business owner, you know that outsourcing tasks where you can is a wise move. But how can you trust someone to write your content or create your graphics? Well, when you complete a branding project with me, I’ll provide a brand guidelines document. This is your brand bible and is designed to act as a guide to third parties working on tasks to do with your business. They’ll know exactly who they need to write for or what colour breakdowns and fonts to use. This takes the pressure off you as the business owner, allowing you to breathe easy and outsource with confidence. 

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