How to define your brand’s vision and why it matters

You may already know what you do (your purpose) and how you do it (your mission), and perhaps even who you do it for (your target audience), but what about your brand vision?

A mission is set in the present — how you’re already doing things, but a vision is future-based.

An easier way to understand what a brand vision is, is to ask yourself, “what do we want to be known for?”. This is a question that reaches towards the future and explores your inner aspirations.

This question taps into that sweet spot between where you want your business to be in the future, and how you ideally want your audience to perceive your business. 

The importance of a brand vision

Without a vision, your business will lack motivation to keep going. It’s important that your vision is authentic, realistic and inspiring to you. Revisit it often, and use it to keep your business moving. 

A bit like goals, without anything to aim for, you might not hit anything. A vision gives your business a goal that is an overarching guide.

Envisaging your future

Defining your brand vision gives you guidance and the clarity to make strategic decisions. Every decision becomes oriented towards your vision, which keeps your business both true to itself and in line with your goals.

Another way to think about your brand vision is to think of it as a photograph of your business in the future. What do you see? 

How to write a brand vision statement

Unsure where to begin? To ensure you’re covering all bases, use this simple template to get started: 

“A [what] that [why] for [who] by [how]”.

The who and why are the problem, and the what and how are the solution.

For example: “An online education resource that teaches musical techniques for church organists by exploring specific, step-by-step examples played on a real organ by an experienced and credentialed teacher to a select course curriculum.”


“A mobile coffee cart that caters to events for clients in the Riverina region by providing full and exclusive barista hire.”


“A professional naturopath who helps to improve health for pre and post-partum women by providing accessible, online consultation services, quality supplements and educational webinars.”


“An artist that brings joy to people attracted to a coastal aesthetic by creating beautiful, unique artwork inspired by the ocean.” 

You can see how you can be as specific or as general as you feel moved to be, as long as it is authentic, motivational and provides you with inspiration to drive your business into the future.

So, what do you want to be known for?

If you need help defining your brand vision, this is something we explore and uncover in the brand strategy phase of a brand identity design project. Would you like a free custom proposal? Enquire now.