Six signs that it’s time to rebrand

6 signs you need to rebrand via Leysa Flores Design

Is it time to rebrand? When should you think about rebranding your business? One of the obvious answers might be that your current branding no longer reflects who you are or what you do as a business, but what else should you be on the lookout for?

You’re getting a lot of unqualified leads

This is a red flag because while it might feel positive to get a lot of enquiries, it’s simply wasting your time if most of them are not strong leads and don’t follow through to working with you. This can happen if your branding isn’t designed to speak to your ideal target audience and instead is attracting a wide range of people who simply aren’t the best fit for your business. It’s definitely time to rebrand!

Your branding doesn’t reflect your brand values

The whole point of branding is to make an authentic connection with your audience. Your branding could technically look really good, but for example if it looks really high-end and luxurious when your brand’s core values are around affordability then it’s giving your audience a confusing brand experience. Yep — time to rebrand.

Your branding is not flexible or growing with you

Perhaps you’re investing in a new website, packaging or printed collateral and you’ve realised your branding doesn’t fit well across your new touch points. Your current logo won’t work in a website header or favicon (that’s the little icon on your web browser tab), or it won’t shrink down to suit stickers for your packaging and remain legible. It’s time to rebrand, or build out your brand further.

Your branding is not professional

Many bootstrapping businesses DIY their logos when they first start up, but as they grow they find they tend to hit a ceiling — their DIY logo is just not going to impress those new investors or the customers with bigger budgets, and they’ve become a little embarrassed to hand out their business card. It’s time to rebrand with a more professional look.

Your brand was created using a design trend and looks common or is outdated

This can happen if your original design was created using a trend, which is tempting at the time because, well, it looks good and appeals to both you and your target audience at that time. The problem with this is that it is driven by trend and not your unique brand personality, so lots of other businesses end up looking similar and confusing your target audience because the brand recognition simply isn’t strong. Also, trends come and go, and in time your brand will end up looking outdated. It’s time to update your brand.

It’s just not inspiring you anymore

It’s your business and you should feel connected to it! Of course, designers will create a brand primarily to attract your audience over your personal aesthetic preferences, but you should still feel inspired and proud of your branding. Nobody feels confident wearing an outfit that they’re not comfortable in, so you shouldn’t put up with branding that doesn’t make you feel confident about what you’re putting out into the world. It’s time to create a brand that makes you feel confident!

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